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How to cope at Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time and it is important to acknowledge that Christmas 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic is going to be very different to previous years. We are surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty which can cause anxiety and overwhelm. With Tiers and the relaxing of bubbles it's difficult to know whats the best thing to do for all involved.

It can be helpful to focus on the things which we do have control over and can influence,

Communicate – this is vital.

Self-Care – look after yourself, whether that be taking a walk and lovely bath or reading a book, whatever works for you to help you recharge your batteries and get some rest.

Sleep well – keeping a good sleep routine even if you’re not working can help to improve our mental health.

Do 1 thing at a time - multitasking has been proven to be ineffective and can be overwhelming.

Non-competitive – Don’t compare your Christmas to other peoples, we are all different.

Limit alcohol – overindulging in alcohol can have a negative impact on our mood, our emotions and our ability to cope with them.

Live in the moment – when things are uncertain it can help to not plan too far in advance.

Help others – it can help us feel better, it can also help to combat loneliness.

It’s important to try to keep things in perspective, it is just one day of the year

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